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Classic Design Cabinets:  By Gene Franz, 605 N Hwy 95, Elgin, TX, 512-281-2398.






  • Jacquelin's Interiors:  Renovating and remodeling, draperies, blinds, shades shutters,flooring and countertops.  Located at 118 Possum Ln, Elgin, TX, 512-281-4458.

              Sam's Floor Designs
              :  All types of flooring - carpet, tile, vinyl and wood.  Wide selection of quality flooring in many colors and textures.  Installation and repair.  Located at 350 S Hwy 95, Elgin, TX, 512-281-5303.
            •  Teo's - Trim & Cabinets:



            Publisher's Note

            Elgin, TX

            Welcomes You!

            By Amy Dittrich,


            The city of Elgin was incorporated on May 13, 1872.  The City is named after Robert Morris Elgin, the Railroad Land Commissioner in the 1870's.  Elgin is a community rich in history.  The community offers fun for family and friends at annual events listed in our Calendar.

            Also check with our Elgin Chamber of Commerce office 512-285-4515 for information - you might want to become a member.  Our town invites all to join in our community and get to know us and let us know you.

            The following pages will show you only a few of the businesses we have in our area.  There is more to Elgin than you think.  Call 512-285-4309 for more information from your customer service person.  If you can't find it in Elgin, look here anyway... we list Bastrop, Manor, Taylor, Smithville, Paige as well.

            Advertising is your life blood line.  Keep your name out there for people to keep you and your business in mind.  New people move in every day!  New people view this site every day!  Technology is here to stay... is the way of the future.  We are on 65 search engines and are mobile.  Advertise with us, and you'll be out there too!!

            Thank you for taking the time,

            Amy - Publisher



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            Good Job Guys

            "We Are Elgin, TX" - Welcome

            Click the links below to vieiw Dowtown Elgin

            Shopping Guides and Map

            Heritage Walking Tour

            Shop Elgin First

            Elgin, Texas - My Hometown

            The New Morelia

            Open To The Public

            Call Elgin Chamber of Commerce for more info: 512.285.4515

            The Main Street Board

            Bastrop County Commissioners

            The Historic Review Board

            The Parks and Receation Advisory Board

            Businesses New To Town or New To Our Web-Site


            Kelly Eartherton - Piano Lessons - 512.629.1836

            Sames Bastrop Ford Dealership - 512.303.3000

            Tex Propane - 1.800.343.7065

            Panda Express - 512.285.2266

            Lugi's Italian Restaurant - 512.229.3791

            Bastrop Senior Center - 512.303.0072

            Evergreen Acupuncture - 512.658.0282

            Harbor Hospice - 512.443.7100

            TX Dept. of Aging and Disability Services - 855.937.2372

            Family Health Center of Bastrop @Elgin -  512.285.6073

            Osborn Plumbing - 512.321.6098


            H.W.O Computers - 521.271.8909

            Mi Celine Mercado - 512.285.6494

            Greater Texas Credit Union - 512.458.2558

            Elgin Meadowpark Apartments - 512.285.3755

            Patty Wagon Burgers - 101 South Main Street

            Daniel's Burgers - 121 Anderson Drive

            Mattress Firm - 512.285.9599

            AT&T - 512.281.0662

            EL Norteno - 511 N Main Street

            Elgin Music Company - 23 N Main Street

            Eltex Graphics and Apparel - 512.229.4100

            Joseph's Steak House - 512.285.6149

            Double R Hat House - 512.576.9110

            Gypsy Blue - 512.229.0037

            ATX Jerky - 512.7961210

            Eva Mae's - 512.285.6553

            Brique Restuarant - Old City Cafe Building CLOSED

            Great Clips - Hwy 290 & 95 NOW OPEN

            290 Eye Care - 512.285.2020

            Georgetown Farmers Market - 512.215.4193

            Freytag's Northwest Florist - 512.345.4142

            Brown Hearing Center - 512.281.5779

            Good Luck Grill Manor - 512.272.8777 

            Lucky Duck Cafe Taylor -  512.352.8777

            Asian Delights - 512.285.6302


            Elgin Seamless Gutters - 512.538.9039

            Vicki's German Shephard Ranch - 512.273.6005

            Iddy Biddy Bakery - 512.285.2250

            JP Septic - 512.229.6437

            Parobek Plumbing -512.303.4502

            Yoga With Sharon Moon - 512.406.1993

            Schlotzsky's 512.285.2867

            Tattered Shutter - 512.285.9864

            The Good Guys - 512.599.1617

            Kistler Fence & Repairs - 512.308.2143

            Elgin Lofts at the 44

            Regulators Sports Bar & Grill -512.285.3833

            Aviator Pizza & Brew House - 512.827.3553

            Two Shews - 512.704.5524

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            Congratulations Dianne!!

            Women in Business 2016 - 2017

             2017 The Women Of...

            Skinny Lane Farm

            Solid Ground Storage

            Frontier Bank

            Elgin Family Dental

            First State Bank

            Abreo & Carter Law Firm


            Elgin Pediatrics

            Martha's Market

            Elgin Smiles Dental Care

            Gypsie Blue

            Family Health Center

            Rush Chevrolet

            Double R Hat House

            Rosado Insurance

            A Flower Connection

            The Laurel Tree

            Body & Shine Wellness

            yoga on the go

            Abigail Klamert - Attorney

            ETX Travel

            State Farm Insurance

            First National Bank

            Debra Cole - Realtor

            Double JP Septic Pumping Service

            Gloria's Boutique

            A+ Learning Center

            Glady's Markert - CPA

            Elgin Wellness Center

            Dolores Lundgren - CPA

            Nancy's Keys

            Liberty Tree Tavern - Jennifer Tidwell, new half-owner

            The Tattered Shutter

            Winkler & Company Realtors

            Jeanette Shelby Realty

            The City of Elgin

            2016 The Women Of...

            Jeanette Shelby Realty

            First State Bank

            Jessica Bega

            Nancy's Keys


            Winkler & Company Realtors

            Frontier Bank

            Hutto Family Eye Care

             Enye Creative-Sonia Browder

            Elgin ISD

            Gladys Markert-CPA

            Elgin Pediatrics

            Edward Jones-Candace Elliott

            City Of Elgin

            Portus Pest Control

            The Tattered Shutter

            Debra Cole-Realtor

            Robertson Dental - NOW Elgin Smiles Dental

            Yoga on the Go

            Solid Ground Storage

            Delores Lundgren-CPA

            1008 Water St.

            Bastrop, Texas 78602


            Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm.


            Our members are an active group whotake part in regularly scheduled or special events such as:


            Line dancing

            Arts & Crafts

            Live music nights

            Exercise classes


            Holiday parties

            Day trip excursions to area attractions and events

            Group travel to America's fun, scenic and historical destinations

            Classes to help you learn new skills or lifestyle enrichment

            Health screening

            Chris Cannon sworn in as Mayor

            Sign up for

            Emergency Notifications

            The systems has been

            used to notify persons

            in the path of floodwaters

            to take immediate action

            to protect lives and property.

            Don't Delay Sign Up



            Learn more about the

            the Regional Notification System,

            and download the frequently

            asked questions sheet in

            English or Spanish at


            Drive A Senior is always looking for volunteers

            to help make a difference in the lives

            of their senior neighbors.

            Volunteers call 512.281.6065 or

            [email protected]

            Extra, Extra 2014

            Women in Business - 2014

            The Women of....

            Amy Dittrich - Publisher of

   and Shop In Elgin Directory

            Jeanette Shelby REALTY

            Jeanette Shelby - Broker/REALTOR

            The Ladies of First State Bank

            Cathy Pena, Roxann Montemayor,

            Crystal Archer, Donna Shewmaker

            Debra Cole, REALTOR - John Horton REALTY

            Abero & Carter - Attorneys at Law

            The City of Elgin

            Yoga On The Go - Ruth Jansa, Owner & Instructor

            Delores Lundgren, CPA

            Portus Pest Control - Mary Portus, co-founder

            A Flower Connection - Paula Arbuckle

            Modern Cleaners - Debbie Webb, Owner

            The Women of Elgin Public Library

            The Women of Elgin ISD

            Dorothy's Jewelry & Gift Shop

            The Women of HEB

            Elgin Pediatrics - Dr. Karen English

            The Women of Frontier Bank

            Hutto Family Eye Care - Dr. Sarah Johle, Dr. Karen Summers

            Winkler & Co.

            Nancy's Keys - Nancy Barron

            The Women of Robertson Dental

            The Women of Elgin General Store

            The Women of A+ Fun Afterschool Learning Center

            The Elgin Courier Ladies

            Marie Ott, Heather Ott-Romine, Patty Finney,

            Tara Dreyer and Patricia Martin

            The Ladies of Elgin Funeral Home

            Paula Estes - Elgin Antique Mall

            Jane Juler - Tattered Shutter

            A Beautiful Exchange - Destinie L. McDaniel, Lisa M. Brady

            Elgin Funeral Home

            Address: 712 N Avenue C, Elgin, TX 78621

            Hours: Open 24 hours

            Phone: (512) 281-5697

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            "Freeze It"

            Firefighters of Elgin

            Chief Randy Reyna



            fireman_7.gif (27331 bytes)

            Volunteer firefighters, first responders sought!  Number of volunteers has declined, workload has doubled in 10 years.  The volunteer fire and emergency medical services is a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience, conveniently condensed into one package.  It also offers several viable options which you can pursue as a volunteer.  You can be fully trained and state certified at no expense to you!

            Elgin Volunteer Firemen in Action

            The Elgin Fire Department held its first annual open house on Saturday June 18th, 2011. The event included several demonstrations by firefighters, including the one above that shows how fast flames can spread in the average home - the sample room shown above was fully engulfed in just three minutes.

            Keeping Up With Training

            Elgin Fire Department seeks donations for

            Fire Pup Program

            The Elgin Volunteer Fire Department

            is expanding

            its community outreach in an

            effort to prevent devastating

            fires.  The "Fire Pup" program,

            created in partnership

            with the National Fire Safety Council,

            helps the department by

            providing educational materials.

            "These materials are just fun ways to

            connect to children," said Elgin

             Former Fire Chief Liston Crim. "If we can stop fire

             from ever happening, we don't

            have to go out there and

             hopefully it will saves lives.

            As our community grows,

            so does the need for more

            fire prevention education. "


            Upcoming Events:

            Wednesday, Jun 20 at 6:00 PM - Monday, Jun 25 10:00 PM
            Thursday, Jun 21 at 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
            Thursday, Jun 21 at 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
            Thursday, Jun 21 at 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM