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Eye Doctor

  •  290 Eye Care: 1320 W. US hwy 290 - Dr Lynne Kennington Martin - 512.285.2020

  •  Bastrop Family Eye Care:


  • Eye Associates of Central Texas:  Comprehensive eye care for the entire family.  Thomas Kittleman, M.D., Patricia Dearman, M.D., Thomas Hendrix, M.D., Joseph Meyer, M.D., Hillary Onan, M.D., Thad Labbe, M.D., Olivia Lee, M.D.  

Services:  LASIK Cataract Surgery Glaucoma Treatment

   Pediatric Ophthalmology          Complete Eye Exams

   Diabetic Eye Exams        Corneal Disease Treatment

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TAYLOR:  603 Mallard Lane, Taylor, TX.  512-352-7664.

ROUND ROCK:  2120 Round Rock Ave, Suite 100.  512-244-1991. 


  • Hutto Family Eye Care:  Hutto Family Eye Care is a family-owned and operated full-scope eye care facility. It is our mission to make every one who walks through our doors feel like part of that family. We believe that old-fashioned service doesn't mean out of date, but instead we take it to mean individualized care and attention for each and every patient. It is our goal to serve all your eye care needs here in Hutto. Stop by for a visit...we would love to SEE you!




TAYLOR:  601 Mallard, Taylor, Tx. (512) 352-3016.
ROUND ROCK:  2120 Round Rock Ave, Round Rock, TX. 512-388-1333.

  •  Vision Source:



Vision Center

(512) 285-3694
Please contact this department for specific hours.