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Austin Community College - Elgin, TX
Free  Classes are being offered by Community Action Inc. to help prepare for the GED Exam - Tues and Thurs evenings,  from 6-8pm,  room 1251 on the ACC at Elgin Campus 
For info call 512-923-3423 or 512-985-5169 or email for more information. 




Elgin Independent School District

 Elgin Independent School District is responsible for 5 traditional campuses with over 3,500 students.  You can visit the EISD website at

Elgin also has an innovative program called the Phoenix High School, which is an alternative to a traditional high school curriculum.  The program is competency-based and geared towards students with limited success in a traditional high school setting.  You can visit their website and learn about the school at  

Elgin Elementary School                                               512-281-3457

Booker T. Washington Elementary School                    512-281-3411

Neidig Elementary School                                             512-281-9702

Elgin Middle School                                                       512-281-3382

Elgin High School                                                          512-281-3438

Superintendent's Office                                                512-281-9731

Phoenix High School                                                     512-281-9774

EISD Website:




Best Coach - Amanda Wolf

Runner-Up Best Coach - Shawn Mikeska

Best Teacher (tie) - Deb Ostes, Lynett Schewartz

Runner-Up Best Teacher - Cody Potter

Best Wildcat Supporter - Angie Cash

Best School Volunteer - John Altmiller

Runner-Up Best School Volunteer - Karen Barker 





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