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Social Services


  • Advocacy Outreach:  200 Depot St., Elgin, TX / P.O. Box 169.  512-281-4180.  Service to better our community!  Click here for flyers and additional information!



  •  For Assistance:

Rent and Utilities:  Pastor Joyce McCormick at First United Methodist Church, 216 W. 3rd St., Elgin, TX 78621.  512-285-4503. 

Food:  First Baptist Church, 205 W. 2nd St., Elgin, TX 78621.  512-285-4161.

Community Cupboard:  114 Depot St., Elgin, TX 78621.  512-285-4552.  (Open Tuesdays 9:30 - Noon.)

Soup Kitchen:  First Presbyterian Church, 303 North Ave. C., Elgin, TX 78621.  512- 285-3543.

Gas Money To Go To Dr Appointments:   St. Peters Lutheran Church, 401 East 8th St., Elgin, TX 78621.  512-285-4844.  Driver's License of person driving and evidence of appointment are required.

Miscellaneous Assistance:  Saint Vincent De Paul, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 302 W. 11th St., Elgin, TX 78621.  512-285-3882.